Bas hạn chế góc mở, Aventos HF Servo-Drive

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  • Clip Top Blumotion



    • The soft close integrated in the cup allows gentle and quiet closing.
    • Soft close can be deactivated, e.g. for small and lightweight doors
    • Adaptive closing force –for permanent gentle and quiet closing, irrespective of door weight and closing speed
    • No damages to the soft close through extreme temperatures (e.g. below zero)

    Other advantages


    The door does not butt against the cabinet front edge at full opening angle

    Door overlay up to 20 mm possible

    (with hinge for large overlay)

    Greater door thicknesses possible


    Smaller lateral minimum gap dimensions

    Smaller door gap


    Soft close activation and deactivation

    The soft close in individual hinges can be deactivated, if required, in order to close small and lightweight doors faster.

    Deactivating the soft close

    Activating the soft close

    • Slide catch backwards
    • Close door
    • Soft close is deactivated on next opening
    • Slide catch forwards
    • Soft close is activated
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    Bas hạn chế góc mở, Aventos HF Servo-Drive

    • Góc mở 104°

    • Góc mở 83°

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    Bas hạn chế góc mở, Aventos HF Servo-Drive

    model: 20F7011, góc mở: 83°

    Mã sản phẩm 372.74.997
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