Dialock Software Generation 2, SW 200 Control, SW 300 Hotel or SW 400 Professional



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    910.52.811 SW300 Hotel 50/50 software

    for 50 access points and 50 personnel master records, 2 encoder

    910.52.812 SW300 Hotel 100/100 software

    for 100 access points and 100 personnel master records, 4 encoder

    910.52.813 SW300 Hotel 200/200 software

    for 200 access points and 200 personnel master records, 8 encoder

    910.52.814 SW300 Hotel 500/500 software

    for 500 access points and 500 personnel master records, 16 encoder

    Product details

    The USB stick version must be ordered when the software is procured for the first time. This is because the USB stick contains further extensive system descriptions besides the software. Delivery via mail is used for software extension and should only be selected for an inital procurement after approval.


    Dispatch on USB stick
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    Product Features

    Supplied with

    Software: Delivered on USB stick

    SW software

    Dialock software manual

    Installation and operating instructions for the Dialock door and wall terminals

    License file (on USB stick)

    License key (on USB stick)

    Software extension: Delivery of the license via mail/fax

    License file (via mail)

    License key (via fax)

    Order reference

    Please check your order very carefully. The licence cannot be returned because of the customised configuration of the software.

    Please keep the USB stick and all licences in a safe place. For your own security, these should only be made available to authorised persons.

    Copying of the software and the licences is permitted for the ordered project.

    Linking to a hotel administration programme may cause additional costs (interface programming). Please discuss with the software manufacturer and order, if required.


    Dialock Software Generation 2, SW 300 Hotel

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