PRIVACY POLICY is committed to keeping customers’ personal information confidential and abiding by all legal regulations regarding confidentiality. Please read this "Privacy Policy" to more understand the commitments made by in order to respect and protect visitors’ rights.

1.    Consent

Your any registration, log-in, access, and use of and your provision of the required information to use this website and other associated ones managed by Hafele (if any) mean that you voluntarily agree and provide us with your information.

By providing us with your personal information through using, you agree that your personal information will be collected, used as mentioned in this Policy and Hafele’s other relevant regulations (if any). If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, you can opt-out of providing us with any personal information and/or using the rights as stated in Section 7 as below.

We reserve the right of revision, in addition to perfecting this Privacy Policy at any time. You are encouraged to regularly review this Privacy Policy and other relative policies publicly, frequently published on our website for the latest updates; also, this enables you to understand and perform your right of information control.

2.    Objectives of collection

We collect personal information for the purpose of objectives as follows:

  • Provision of services: to deal with issues regarding your order and demand of consumption in order to improve our quality of services.
  • Updates on products, services: to send information on new products, special acts, and events, etc., by Hafele Vietnam. Sending these notifications may be made via email, SMS, live chat, etc. In the case, a member does not agree or desire to receive this news, he/she can opt for the link “Stop registering receipt of news” below each news sent by Hafele Vietnam. Or directly make a request for cancellation to us in the details of contact set forth in Section 6.
  • Account maintenance: to create and maintain our account, including customer loyalty programs or sales promotions associated with your account.
  • Customer care services: including replies to your requests, complaints and feedback.
  • Personalization: we can combine the data received to obtain a more comprehensive view of our customers and thereby enabling us to increase the response capability of in terms of Pages and Services, as well as the development of new functions, features and services in ongoing trends and tastes.
  • Security: for the purpose of preventing from neutralizing customers’ user accounts or faking customers.

3.    Scope of information collection

Your personal information is collected when:
-    You directly provide us with: your personal or business information through

  • Cooperation contract: entering into the contract requesting customers to provide with your personal or business information we need to make your orders, including company name, representative, email address, phone number, company address, delivery address, customer code, user name, password. This information is required to customers upon registering the use of service and so that Hafele Vietnam makes contact for confirmation when customers register the use of service on the website in order to assure your rights.
  • Contact form on You will be asked to fill out information in fields in the form available on, information provision in fields of personal or business information is always voluntary. Required information to the contact is marked ‘*’. That information is used for the defined purpose only.

-    You interact with us: We collect some non-personal identifiable information when you interact on (such as cookies, IP address, browser type, total days, etc.). In addition, we use information on your purchase history with Hafele Vietnam (including offline and online orders) to increase the response capacity of as mentioned in Section 2, simultaneously make sound suggestions to the products you are interested in.

-    From other lawful sources: We can collect personal information from other lawful sources.

4.    Scope of information storage

Customer’s personal data will be stored until a request for cancellation is made or customers log in themselves and then cancel the storage according to GDPR General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and relative regulations under the law of Vietnam.

For customers who have signed in the cooperation contract: We are forced by legal regulations on commerce and tax to store details of your address, payment, and orders in ten years. However, we shall perform a treatment limit after three years, which means that your data will be only used to fulfill statutory obligations.

The Order process is encoded by SSL or TLS technology to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data – especially your financial data – by third parties.

It is the absolute responsibility of customers to keep confidential and store all uses of services in their user name, password and email address. Moreover, customers shall notify Hafele Vietnam in a timely manner about unauthorized uses, abuses, infringement to privacy, storage of third party’s user name and password for adequate treatments.

5.    Commitments of confidentiality

Hafele Vietnam is committed to keeping customers’ personal information on confidential on an absolute basis. The collection and use of information on each member are only made with customer’s consent except otherwise permitted by law.

We maintain technical methods and make updates to ensure confidentiality of data processing activities, especially to protect your personal data from risks in data transmission and authorized access by third parties.

We shall not provide your personal information to any third parties, except certain following necessary activities:

  • Partners are our service providers relating to rendering orders and are only limited to the extent of necessary information as well as application of regulations for security, protection of personal information.
  • We can use services from a third-party service provider for some activities pertaining to and at that time this third party can access or process personal information during provision of those services. These third parties are required to abide by all relative legislations of confidentiality and requirements of security regarding personal information.
  • Programs are associated, concurred, outsourced for the purposes as stated in Section 2 and always apply requirements of confidentiality.
  • If required by law: Hafele Vietnam is liable for cooperating in providing customers’ personal information upon request by judicial authorities including: Procuracy, Court, Police relating to some breach of law by customers.

In the case, a server for information storage is attacked by hackers leading to loss of member’s personal data, it is the responsibility of Hafele Vietnam to report the matter to the functional authority for timely investigation and treatment and to inform the member about that matter.

Absolute protection to all online customer information is required, including digitalized invoices and accounting books at the level 1 data security center of Hafele Vietnam.

6.    Address of information collection and control unit

All information will be directly collected and controlled by: Häfele Vietnam Limited Liability Company.

Business registration code: 0305067898 granted by HCMC Department of Planning & Investment dated September 30th, 2010.

Registered office: Floor 3, REE Building, No. 9 Doan Van Bo, Ward 13, District 4, HCMC

Contact details of information collection and control unit:

  • Hotline: 18001797 (Free toll)
  • Email:
  • Or directly at the address: Häfele Vietnam Limited Liability Company - Floor 3, REE Building, No. 9 Doan Van Bo, Ward 13, District 4, HCMC.

7.    Means and tools for user’s access and correction to personal data

Customers are entitled to provide information to us during access on and possibly change that decision when log-in account is closed/deleted on

Members are entitled to check, update, correct personal information themselves by logging into the account and correcting personal information or requesting us to do so.

Members are responsible for keeping personal information on confidential. In case of lost account, members can recover accounts by themselves in the steps of instructions on or contact us in the contact details as stated in Section 6.

8.    Mechanism of claim settlement

In case of any complaint relating to this Privacy Policy and relative policies, you can contact us in the details as stated in Section 6 above for guidance and support of complaint settlement.

All disputes, claims arising between the Company and the data-collected person will be settled on the basis of negotiation and mutual interests. In the event, an agreement is not reached and/or claim settlement is undesired, either party has the right to bring the matter to the competent agency for the purpose of assurance of legal rights, benefits by the parties.

In the scope of Vietnamese territory, all disputes relating to this Privacy Policy and relative policies between us and you will be settled by Hanoi International Arbitration Center (HIAC), Vietnam, according to HIAC’s Rules of Arbitration. It is agreed that the process of dispute settlement could use electronic means on HIAC’s platform of dispute settlement, HIAC is responsible for guaranteeing the authenticity of this system.

If the matter is beyond its jurisdiction, the matter will be proposed by the Company to transfer to competent authorities. In this case, the Company is committed to supporting the best protection to the affected party.

9.    Other commitments

We are committed to keeping customer’s personal information confidential on the absolute basis according to the privacy policy. The collection and use of information on each member are only made with customer’s consent except otherwise permitted by law.

No use, transfer, provision, or disclosure of member’s personal information to any third parties are made without consent by members.

In the case, a server for information storage is attacked by hackers leading to loss of member’s personal data, it is our responsibility to report the matter to the functional authority for timely investigation and treatment and to inform the member about that matter.

We are committed to keeping your information about online transactions confidential as prescribed.

During the use of the website, from time to time, we can collect and control your request of registration or log-in for buying our items, using our services, including but not limited to your personal information, your company’s information (if you act as an organization) and/or others which it is recognized that you must provide them so that we can check and provide the best services, goods to you. On the basis of request, you are responsible for providing the true, accurate and sufficient information and validity of the same.

To the extent of our responsibility, we do not assume the responsibility as well as settle all claims relating to your rights if it is found that all your personal information provided to us upon initial registration is untrue and/or fake. We also have the right to take relative measures to protect our websites and/or prevent the occurrence of damages by deleting your information on the system on the permanent basis, agreeing not/refusing to provide our services, goods to you and/or taking legal measures such as claims, lawsuits, etc., against you to the competent agency if your act infringes our rights, interests or others’ ones.

Your questions, contributions, and feedback in relation to this Privacy Policy or any policies, contents of similar nature published are highly welcomed and appreciated.

For further questions of data protection, please contact us in details below:

  • Häfele Vietnam Limited Liability Company.
  • Floor 3rd, REE Building, No. 9 Doan Van Bo, Ward 13, District 4, HCMC
  • Hotline: 18001797 (Free toll)
  • Email:


Issued by: Häfele Vietnam Limited Liability Company

Effective date: 01/09/2021