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Häfele’s long standing partnerships with leading international manufacturers offers you access to a broad range of premium solutions in kitchen cabinet hardware, handles, hinges, flap fittings, home appliances, bath and washroom products.


Axor represents the diversity and fascination of individual lifestyles in the bathroom. Comprehensive bathroom collections are created in collaboration with some of the world’s most successful designers. These collections are as individual and as diverse as people themselves, and offer a multitude of different styles: from lively, charming bathrooms/living spaces to nature-inspired havens of tranquillity.

Certificate of authorized distribution by Axor



Timeless beauty attracts like magic. BLANCO sinks and mixer taps are notable for the perfection of their aesthetics. Their magic lies in the interplay between proportions and lines, function and quality.

And the design, which fascinates. BLANCO sink centres are simply irresistible – every day anew.


Bosch brand is No.1 in Europe for house-hold appliances and manufactured based on advanced industry of Germany. Bosch’s appliances show high level of design and quality. Reliability of consumers from advanced technology and superior service life of each product. Thanks to these properties which they have always met the highest expectations of their customers. Business philosophy of the brand is always enhanced utility of the devices used to create better quality of life for every customer. The following highlights have brought to the Bosch true value of level in the field of inventions and appliances provided: superior quality, advanced technology, utility use, responsibility for each product provide.

CUCINA – Chuẩn mực cuộc sống Ý cho không gian bếp châu Á​​​​​​​

Clever, smooth, and modern, Cucina offers Italian-designed solutions to Asian kitchens. They are, in fact, specifically designed to suit local cooking habits. Hobs, for instance, come with big cooking zones to fit Asian woks, while storage fittings are meant for bowls, chopsticks, chopper knives, and many other common cookware and kitchen utensils. Even better, they are made of premium stainless steel material to sustain the high humidity in many Asian countries.

Quality and effectiveness aside, Cucina also comes with affordable prices and a long-term warranty to ensure our customers’ great experience from purchase to use.

Cucina is proudly distributed by Häfele – a world-renowned provider for complete home solutions with nearly 100 years of history in Germany and more than 20 years in Vietnam.



As an international manufacturer of bathroom furnishings, Duravit AG with head office in Hornberg, Germany, has made its mark in the sanitary sector with innovative developments and exciting forms created by international designers like Philippe Starck, Sieger Design, EOOS, Phoenix Design, Frank Huster, Sergei Tchoban and Matteo Thun. Today the company is no longer just the producer of elegant designer products but increasingly a supplier of bathrooms that offer an all-round experience of well-being. With its sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture and the Bathtub + Wellness business area, Duravit today covers the whole spectrum of bathroom interiors, launching one or two new projects every year.



Enrico Cassina was the first to succeed in uniting industrial production with high-level handle design, thus perfectly expressing the stimulating and vital spirit of Milan, the city in which he lived in. It was 1850. After over 150 years, Enrico Cassina has become a part of Omporro and has acquired new tools to use in facing the future and changes in contemporary style. The Enrico Cassina range has the power of satisfying one’s desire for beauty, the wish to live amid objects of elegance and distinction – a power rooted in the history of art, which has long been an inspiration to the master of Enrico Cassina as they designed their collections. They even provide “Taylor made” for VIP customer such as gold plating.


The Geberit Group is the European market leader in sanitary technology with global presence. From the time of its establishment in 1874, the company has always been a pioneer in the sector, consistently setting new trends with its comprehensive system solutions. Geberit's range of products is designed for use in new buildings as well as in renovation and modernization projects. It comprises the product lines Sanitary Systems (Installation Systems, Cisterns and Mechanisms, Faucets and Flushing Systems, Waste Fittings and Traps, Shower Toilets) and Piping Systems (Building Drainage Systems, Supply Systems). Geberit brand name products are innovative, durable and ecologically efficient and provide high-end sanitary solutions for retailers, plumbers and installers, and end users alike.

GiesseFounded in Italy in 1965, GIESSE is one of the world-renowned brands for aluminum window and door hardware with more than 100 registered patents. In 2016, GIESSE became a part of the Schlegel International. GIESSE solutions impress customers with European-standard quality, innovative design as well as eco-friendliness.


Hansgrohe is a world-wide well-known brand. "Made in Germany" has always been a recipe for success for Hansgrohe. Around 80% of Hansgrohe production takes place in Germany: in six plants in the Black Forest. The mixer and shower manufacturer delivers to around 130 countries on all continents and more than 80 percent of its sales are generated abroad.
Hansgrohe offers you: durable product benefits thanks to innovation, technology and comfort; award-winning design; the right bathroom to suit any style; environmentally-friendly products; top quality; long-standing tradition.

Certificate of authorized distribution by Hansgrohe


KAWAJUN is a Japanese brand for design-oriented interior hardware with KAWAJUN is a Japanese brand for design-oriented interior hardware with more than 65 years of history. Not only the best materials, KAWAJUN’s products are also known for aesthetics and universal usability. Its Designer lever handles series, officially distributed by Häfele in Vietnam, are the best choice for sophisticated residential spaces.

The name Kesseböhmer stands for innovative solutions and powerful blend of design, function and quality. The company’s core competence is in metal processing. Kesseböhmer works with wire, flat band and tubing and their products are finished in their in-house electroplating and powder-coating facilities. Strong customer orientation has helped them to achieve and maintain their position as the leading supplier of functional fitting for kitchen units. Kesseböhmer supply elegant, high quality solutions for brilliantly organised kitchen storage. Their solutions help end users to make best use of available space and to streamline work processes.

An Italian brand for luxury home appliances with more than 70 years of history, Smeg collaborates with famous architects and designers to create products that harmonize advanced technologies with arts to bright up your kitchen.

Vimar is a European leading provider in the field of electricity

Founded in 1945 in Marostica, North-East Italy, Vimar is a European leading provider in the field of electricity. It is popular for electrical fittings and management systems such as sockets, plugs and smart home devices at more than 100 countries around the world.

Quality aside, Vimar’s products are known for their unique blend of top-quality styling and first-class technology, reflecting the spirit of "Made in Italy". They also showcase Vimar’s ability to interpret the evolution of the housing styles of a society undergoing fast transformation: from the simple electrical installation, which mainly needed safety, to modern home automation systems, which make technology a daily ally.

Vimar’s global success is proved in the millions of units sold every year, more than 200 patents and many major international certifications about environment, health and safety awarded to 12,000 items created in over 75 years.