Dẫn động, Servo-Drive, gắn vào cơ chế nâng

cho Aventos HF, Aventos HL, Aventos HS


Dẫn động, Servo-Drive, gắn vào cơ chế nâng
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Dẫn động, Servo-Drive, gắn vào cơ chế nâng
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cho Aventos HF, Aventos HL, Aventos HS


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Aventos HF, Aventos HL, Aventos HS
Product Features

Bao gồm

1 Dẫn động

1 Cáp phân phối, chiều dài 1,500 mm

1 Khớp nối

2 Nắp che đầu dây

Tài liệu hướng dẫn
  • Servo-Drive for Aventos HF, HK, HS and HL

    Electric movement assistance for Aventos flap fitting range


    • Easy, efficient processing. Same drive unit for all lift mechanisms (except HK).
    • Almost tool-less component installation
    • Servo-Drive can be retrofitted at any time (only in combination with Servo-Drive compatible lift mechanisms, from spring 2010)
    • Wireless switch for controlling the doors
    • Easy opening, even with large and heavy front panels
    • Easy, manual flap operation in the event of a power failure
    • Safety stop when opening and closing as soon as the movement is interrupted
    • Simple and easy programming directly at the Servo-Drive

    Aventos Servo-Drive: The individual components

    After installation and adjustment of the lift mechanism, the Servo-Drive components are fitted to the lift mechanism and the cabinet


    Lift mechanism

    With holder for plug fitting the drive unit without tools


    Drive unit

    Version for Aventos HF, HS and HL or version for Aventos HK


    Left cover cap

    Can be extended to max. 35 mm to cover the cable


    Push-button sender

    Radio controlled, for opening and closing the flap. Installed in the lower part of the cabinet.


    Spacer buffer

    For ensuring that the required release distance of 2 mm is provided



    Almost tool-less connection of drive unit and Servo-Drive power supply unit


    Power supply unit for mains supply and power supply unit holder

    Illustration shows Aventos HF

    Functionality overview of Servo-Drive



    Special equipment


    A gentle push opens the front panel

    Synchronisation of up to 3 drive units with wide flaps

    Drive unit easy to install byplug fitting

    Convenient closing using the easily accessible push-button sender

    Collisions are prevented when the flap is open

    Tool-less wiring of componentsusing cable piercing method


    Dẫn động, Servo-Drive, gắn vào cơ chế nâng

    automatic opening mechanism for flap fittings, individual part (2), cho Aventos HF, Aventos HL, Aventos HS

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