Pull-out frame, for Trend pull-out storage system

Load bearing capacity 40 kg

  • Combination options – mounting – installation dimension
  • Trend Pull-out storage system

    Possible combinations

    The pull-out storage system provides great possibilities for space-saving storage of clothing and accessories in wardrobes. Convenient stacking and removal are made possible by pull-out storage elements.

    The basic concept: A series of pull-out frames with full extension can be adapted to many different interior cabinet widths. Many different combinations of wooden, steel or plastic storage elements can be hooked onto the frames.


    The pull-out frame is easy to assemble and fixed with grub screws. The design allows individual assembly of different widths.

    The pull-out frames are screwed to the side panel at 32 mm intervals. 3.5 mm chipboard screws can also be used for attachment.

    The storage elements are hooked into the pull-out frames with plastic clips.

    Installation dimensions

    Internal cabinet width (A) for pull-out frame

    Please take care not to exceed the usable width when subdividing the pull-out frame.

    Effective width (B) = internal cabinet width (A) – 100 mm

    The installation height varies depending on the storage elements that are used. Please refer to the products for further information.


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    805.85.331 Ext.frame alu.black 410/550mm

    Load bearing capacity 40 kg –, Usable width: 310-450 mm, internal cabinet width: 410-550 mm, black

    805.85.333 Ext.frame alu.black 690/830mm

    Load bearing capacity 40 kg –, Usable width: 590-730 mm, internal cabinet width: 690-830 mm, black

    805.85.334 Ext.frame alu.black 830/970mm

    Load bearing capacity 40 kg –, Usable width: 730-870 mm, internal cabinet width: 830-970 mm, black

    805.85.335 Ext.frame alu.black 970/1100mm

    Load bearing capacity 40 kg –, Usable width: 870-1,000 mm, internal cabinet width: 970-1100 mm, black

    Product details



    Load bearing capacity

    40 kg

    Area of application

    Adjustable frame to accommodate different storage elements made of wood, steel or plastic

    Type of pull out

    Full extension, with self and soft closing mechanism



    Dim. (D x H)

    526 x 68 mm


    For screw fixing to cabinet side panel
    Fixing material supplied
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    Pull-out frame, for Trend pull-out storage system

    Load bearing capacity 40 kg –

    • Dim. A = internal cabinet width, dim. B = effective width (dim. A – 100 mm)

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