Driver, Häfele Loox, Constant current 350 mA

Series connection –

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    833.80.900 LED Driver w.swt. 100-240V/350mA/4W

    Series connection –, Wattage: 1–4 W

    833.80.901 LED Driver w.swt. 100-240V/350mA/10W

    Series connection –, Wattage: 5–10 W

    Product details
    • Driver for all 350 mA LED lights, specification with symbol

    Area of application

    For 350 mA consumer with Loox plug system
    for switches with Loox plug system
    suitable for connecting to all of the world's most frequently used mains voltages and mains frequencies


    Series connection

    Input voltage

    100–240 V; 50–60 Hz


    Min. distance surrounding 50 mm. Provide for sufficient air supply and circulation at the mounting location of the driver. Please note max. ambient temperature. Overvoltage protection must be provided. Provide inspection opening.
    Product Features

    Order reference

    Please order replacement cable bridge for consumer connection (5 piece set) separately: 833.80.720


    Driver, Häfele Loox, 350 mA constant current, without mains lead

    Series connection –

    • 350 mA

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