Here’s how to tidy up your kitchen fast and effectively


With the year fast coming to an end, many people would start to talk about how we need to refocus on our goals of the year before it becomes too late. That idea, when translated into kitchen, can equate to the mission of cleaning it up to improve the efficiency of your cooking.

In fact, when was the last time you spruced up the heart of your home? When was the last time you didn’t have to struggle to dig up a tube of BBQ sauce only to find out that it was just a few days shy of expiration, or worse, already expired?

If your answers to both are sometime before Tet, you are due for a kitchen cleanup, not only for the sake of your cooking, but your family’s safety (no more expired foods lying around and contaminating others) and finance (no more wasting foods because you lose track of your grocery stock amid clutters of identified and unidentified things).

So, roll up your sleeves and follow our guide to tidy up your kitchen fast and easy!

Sort it out

Start the mission by going through every corner of your kitchen and dividing your stuff into three following categories:

  • “The goner”: expired foods and things you know without doubts that you will never use (again). Just throw or give them away.
  • “Just in case”: things you never use with exception of parties like those big pots and extra sets of tableware. Put them away in a garage or at the back of your cabinets.
  • “The keeper”: things you frequently use, simply love or truly making your cooking much easier despite not being used as often. Organize these keepers in accordance with our following tips so you can reach for them quick and easy whenever you need.

For the best efficiency, you may want to set about 30 minutes for this task, and then try to be quick, decisive, and thorough as you go.

6 kitchen organization tips that work

1. Group your things according to their purposes, your use habits or however you like such as canned foods, baking tools, and frequently-used tableware.

2. Put utensils and spices in drawers closest to your preparation area. Keep them orderly with insert systems like Fineline and Flex which come with a variety of designs specific for cutlery, condiments, and many more kitchen items.

insert systems

3. Keep your countertop as clean and clear as possible to make your cooking easier. But, if you want to keep things in sight or optimize your backsplash, railing systems like Linero MosaiQ are your safe bet.


4. Also for your convenience, store pots and pans somewhere near your cooktop or oven using internal pulls-out.

internal pull-out

5. Keep your daily-used dishes near your sink or dishwasher, while cleaning agents should be stored under the sink with a specialized pull-out

6. Remember to save 30% of your fridge for leftovers so that you can always see them and thus using them up soon.