Great benefits of shower, do you know?

Is the only use of a shower is to clean bodies? These side-benefits will show you that a shower is more than that:

  • Erase tiredness: the uneven flow of water helps body air circulation, stimulate acupuncture points and relax muscles
  • Tighten skin: cool water sprays makes muscles stronger and skin pores tighter
  • Help blood circulation: applying the rule of “hot first, cool later, switching” helps blood circulation, create fresh feeling and generate creativity
  • Cure constipation and sinusitis: massaging your stomach area by a showerhead clockwise can cure long-term constipation, hemorrhoid; breathing in shower hot steam can cure sinusitis

In addition, it will be perfect if you are using Croma Hangrohe shower fittings from Häfele. Why? Because you’ve got yourself a great body care “specialist” – with fine design and varied spray settings, smooth as the dance of rain, combine with safety lock at 40°C and other remarkable features. Especially in September and October, Häfele gives delightful offers for you when buying sanitary fittings with super favourable prices, discount up to 40-50%.

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