Senses: The quintessence of Häfele’s Iconic range

Häfele, an innovator who never stops seeking the best kitchen solutions, has launched a new range of appliances that will not only become impressive touches for modern kitchens, but promise to free humans from the hassles of cooking.

Built on the concept of “senses” the Iconic range, including induction hobs, fridges, ovens and cooker hoods, perfects both design and functionality.

Touch – “Touch passion”

Touch – “Touch passion”

When it comes to senses, people always talk about “touch” last. However, in fact, it is the most important sense, affecting our daily experience, from shopping to healing. It is the way we bond with others, building trust and love.

That is the reason why “touch” is the foremost essence of Häfele’s Iconic range. Made with advanced technologies, the appliances can be operated effectively and easily only with a touch. Be it opening doors or using touch screen control panels, everything is just effortless.

Not only are they sensitive to human touch, the latest inventions of Häfele are also responsive to changes in different factors such as odors and heat. Cooker hoods, for instance, can automatically start to clean the air, when sensing odors during your cooking. Induction hobs, meanwhile, can detect overflowing pots and shut down without your intervention.

Together with child lock, these features can truly give you the peace of mind while cooking.

Taste – “Taste desire”

Taste – “Taste desire”

In this modern age, people are becoming busier and busier. Many, as a result, find a decent meal at home a luxury. However, with the Iconic appliances’ Cookbook, you totally can cook delicious meals without much time and energy investments.

The feature allows Iconic to remember the temperatures and times of your usual dishes. You also can save your favorite recipes with Cookbook, and follow instructions easily, when needed.

Moreover, the appliances can cook faster and more compared to other products, but they are still energy-saving. 


Sight – “See perfection”

Sight – “See perfection”

When shopping kitchen appliances, more often than not you have to choose either design or functionality. There are always compromises. However, with the Iconic range, that problem has become the past.

No more plain white or gray that is typical of kitchen appliances. The Iconic products come in the black color that oozes luxury and elegance. Black, according to many psychological studies, is also the choice of independent, strong-willed and sophisticated people.  

In addition to the impressive black color, the new appliances of Häfele are also equipped with LED panel controls that can add technological touches to your kitchen. Each of them also has different design-enhancing details, like the interactive touch screen allowing you to display album slideshows and the luminous glow on the handlebar of ovens.

With all the superb features, the Iconic range is Häfele’s latest effort to make your cooking not only much easier but totally relaxing. Häfele is looking to introduce more and better initiatives for kitchens as well as other living spaces in the future, so your life is both easier and more enjoyable.
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