Loox Lighting System

Loox is Häfele's own house assortment for LED lighting systems in furniture. The heart of the system consists of the innovative and powerful drivers. The simple and flexible design of the system is reflected in the standardized Plug & Play technology, and makes it easy to integrate LED lighting in your furniture – for both series and individual furniture manufacture. The modular Loox lighting system has many certificates and test symbols, and is therefore predestined for international use.

Designed and engineered by the Hafele group, the incredibly simple, modular plug-and-play system makes it easier than ever to integrate LED lighting into your furniture designs

  • Available in 3 different systems – 12V, 24V and 350mA.
  • Incredibly simple to fit and install with color-coded systems and plug-in connections.
  • Developed with suitable drivers and mains leads to be used internationally enabling furniture destined for export to be fitted with lights during the manufacturing process, irrelevant of destination.
  • A flexible, modular system that enables you to customize with switches, providing meaningful combinations that meet your individual needs.
  • Adaptable to design trends.

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