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Häfele Group continues to see positive growth in 2016

The Häfele headquarters in Nagold, Germany

The Häfele headquarters in Nagold, Germany


Häfele Group generated a revenue of 1.311 billion Euro in the past year (2015: 1.271 billion Euro). This corresponds to an increase of 3.1%.

“When adjusted for currency effects, the increase was actually 6.1%. In light of the general global conditions in 2016, this is a most welcome success,” says Sibylle Thierer, head of the executive board (CEO).

37 international subsidiaries (+3.2%) as well as the parent company and six production factories in Germany and Hungary (+3%) all contributed equally to this growth in revenue. Nearly all the markets had a positive development and, accordingly, were able to increase their revenues. The USA, India and Asian markets recorded above-average growth rates

79% from overseas activities

Häfele’s subsidiaries and numerous sales organizations at more than 150 countries around the world collectively accounted for 79% of the total revenue.

[Text Box: Häfele Group's Managing Director Sibylle Thierer] Tailored to specific markets, Häfele’s own house assortments are manufactured at Häfele's production facilities or those of their 1,500 partners worldwide. The products and services of Häfele are now used by the world’s leading furniture manufacturers, architects and planners, joiners/cabinet makers and dealers.

Workforce expansion

Another indication of Häfele’s positive growth in 2016 was an increase in the group’s workforce, from 7,100 people worldwide in 2015 to 7,300 last year.

In Germany, the number of employees remained unchanged at 1,600. Remarkably, the Häfele parent company expanded their local training offer by adding twelve apprenticeships for young refugees from nine countries in the Middle East and Africa. During his visit in Nagold, Detlef Scheele, designated head of the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit), praised Häfele as a national example in the matter of occupational integration.

Häfele Group's Managing Director Sibylle Thierer

Häfele Group's Managing Director Sibylle Thierer

Häfele’s MicroApart 20/30 showcased at the BAU, Munich

Häfele’s MicroApart 20/30 showcased at the BAU, Munich


Outlook for 2017

Häfele Group projects good market opportunities, despite many trouble spots around the world, including risks linked to the volatile foreign exchange and commodity markets.

“We are anticipating a mid-single digit increase in revenue,” says Sibylle Thierer. The group’s investment 2017 is also projected at around 40 million Euros, compared to 35 million Euros last year.