Häfele expands Smart E-lock range

In 2018 Häfele continues to expand the collection of smart e-locks with more options in designs and features, including the products of igloohome - a Singaporean-based start-up famous for access control solutions for short-term house rentals.

All the products are made in accordance with Germany’s quality standards and advanced technologies such as:

  • Unlocking by fingerprints, key cards, PIN codes, and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Remote control with mobile app: Users can set different validity periods of PIN codes for different people and keep track of their access history on mobile app
  • Decoy security code: Users can enter random digits before password to reduce the risk of intruders checking fingerprints.
  • Tamper alarm and fire sensor
  • igloohome locks can be synchronized with Airbnb accounts, allowing homeowners to effectively manage their guests' access while bringing convenience to both owners and guests.

For more information, please visit http://smart-on.vn/