Häfele’s Growth is Especially Strong Abroad in 2015

The international Häfele Group for hardware technology and electronic access control systems ended 2015 with a satisfyingly positive result. The company group achieved revenue of 1.272 billion Euro, representing a growth of 11 % compared to the previous year.

This meant the family business based in the Swabian town of Nagold continued on a path of remarkable growth despite the various crises ongoing around the world. With a rise of +16%, it is the 37 foreign-based subsidiaries that are to be accredited with this increase in sales. As announced by the company management, it is these international markets that - apart from the odd exception - have performed markedly well, with the broad growth also bolstered by foreign exchange rate developments outside of the Euro zone in 2015.

Growth through strength of global networking

Häfele global network has a crucial role in the future viability of the business. “Strong regional diversification is enabling us to share to a large degree in the growth outside of Europe”, is how the situation is summed up by Sibylle Thierer, Managing Director, who took over management of the family-owned company in 2004 and now represents the 3rd generation. Particularly, the last decade has been largely shaped by the tremendous dynamism exhibited by our Asian subsidiaries. Over the past year, Häfele has invested 30 million Euros in markets, logistics and production with the aim of interlinking the various markets, so as to offer our increasingly internationalised clientele the level of service they expect.

Own house assortments for global success

In recent years, Häfele has made considerable investments in the development of its own house assortments now used around the world. These own house assortments represent Häfele’s dynamic innovative capability. Häfele’s motto is ‘Thinking ahead’, which means that Häfele must already be thinking about what customers will need in future, today.

Outlook for 2016

Häfele has made an optimistic start to the new financial year. In the light of the investments already made in a global standardized IT, in markets, logistics, production and services, the company sees good opportunities for again achieving international growth throughout 2016.