Production Planning Specialist

Overview (Objective of the Position)

Production planner is concerned with deciding in advance what is to be produced, when to be produced, where to be produced and how to be produced. He/She involves looking ahead, anticipating bottlenecks and identifying the steps necessary to ensure smooth and uninterrupted flow of production. He/She determines the requirements for materials, machinery and man-power; establishes the exact sequence of operations for each individual item and lays down the time schedule for its completion.

Description of tasks

MPS_Production Planning:
–    Manage directly with production planning critical issue that are escalated by customer services, sales.
–    Coordinate production workflow for one or multiple products.
–    Plan, schedule shift and prioritize operations to ensure maximum performance and minimum delay.
–    Analyzes production specifications and plant capacity data and performs mathematical calculations to determine manufacturing processes, tools, and human resource requirements.
–    Expedites operations that delay schedules and alters schedules to meet unforeseen conditions.
–    Address issues when they arise aiming for minimum disruption.
–    Obtain output information (number of finished products, defectives etc.). Create and analyze status of weekly/monthly performance reports.
–    Collaborate with quality control, warehouse and other staff.
–    Develop a production schedule detailing all tasks and when they should be completed by to meet planned finish date.
–    Lead production planning meeting. Identify areas for improvement in production planning process. Monitor and improve production attainment.
–    Escalate to Managers for critical supply chain performance issue.
–    Identify product or requirement trends and anomalies, investigate root cause and make recommendations to rectify.
–    Using key inputs from sales orders, forecast demand and supply to create the most reliable and lead MPS process.
–    Participate in SOP process to enhance the forecasting and service level.
–    Other tasks assigned by Managers


–    Control SAP MRP planned orders outputs to production orders or if necessary to purchased orders.
–    Identify and collaborate with others to fix inputs issue of MRP as such: BOM, inaccuracy of initial stock, incorrect route and work center to ensure proper MRP be generated.
–    Identify master data issue and work with Master Data Management to rectify in-house production and external procurement process and relevant parameters.
–    Ensure MRP of production orders/purchased orders as per plant or between plants.
Cross Functional Competencies:
–    Ability to successfully pilot a project from beginning to end, including prioritizing, planning, resolving issues, and displaying a persistent drive for results.
–    Ability to understand, appreciate and incorporate the unique contributions of associates with diverse backgrounds in business interactions.
–    Ability to apply change management methodology to implement successful business priorities (on time, on budget, human objectives and business objectives).

Job Requirements

–    University Graduation;
–    Degree Educated: Economics, Supply Chain, Logistics or relevant major.
–    At least 2 years practical experience with production planning, material planning and Supply Chain.
–    Ability to pinpoint opportunities and risks related to production plan and deliver effective resolutions;
–    Knowledge of production planning and quality control principles;
–    Experience in MRP SAP;
–    Communication abilities and computer competencies;
–    Strong knowledge and practice demand planning and Sale Operation Planning;
–    Strong experience in SAP.
–    Analytical skills, proactive approach;
–    Excellent English proficiency;
–    Good at computer (MS Office, Excel, and internet);
–    Excellent communication skill, negotiation skill, and interpersonal skill;
–    Strong learning capability, organizational and problem solving skills;
–    Good organizational and prioritization skills. High levels of creativity;
–    Good presentation skills;
–    Ethical conduct.