Free space stay flap fitting – world first: so small and so powerful
“The little beast” makes the quantum leap



Free space stay flap fitting – world first: so small and so powerful
“The little beast” makes the quantum leap

Häfele continues to consistently think ahead in the trend in flap fitting with pioneering new technical developments. The new Free space stay flap fitting, presented at Interzum as a world first, and the study of a new family of flap fittings that creates even more space in cabinets mark a quantum leap and set a new standard.

The developers at Häfele's FCC plant in Hungary have created a very delicate flap fitting with a technical trick that covers about 80% of all common stay flap fitting applications. Free space – its unofficial name is “The little beast” – is, as the engineers like to say, the cleverest connection of less and more.  The fitting creates more storage space in furniture with less volume and more power at the flap.
Free space eliminates the need for large cover caps and, thanks to an internal installation depth of only 63 mm, opens up new room for modern furniture design, even in narrow cabinets. One and the same product series can be used for a much wider range of applications than the previous hinge-less stay flap fittings.

High awards: Red Dot and interzum award winner Hafele Free Space 1.11

The new fitting solution shines with all the good features of the large Free flap fitting family launched on the market. For its subtle, understated yet distinctive design, Free space received a first special award this spring with the world-renowned Red Dot Award. At interzum, it was also awarded the interzum award for “High Product Quality”.






Many excellent arguments for Free space

The Free space flap locks reliably in any position, thanks to a spring force that can be precisely adjusted for the multi-position stop function. The convenient operation is the result of a very low opening resistance and extremely smooth running properties. The soft closing mechanism ensures soft and quiet closing of the flap thanks to an integrated mechanism tailored to the entire range of application. The perfect alignment of the front is very quick and easy with a generously designed 3D adjustment mechanism. The opening angle can be set and limited to 90° by means of a tool-free, integrated adjustment option.

Free space for applications with and without handle

Häfele offers Free space in the standard colours, white, light grey, anthracite, and black. For standard applications with a handle, there is the Free space 1.11 model series (load bearing capacity of 1.2 – 10.7 kg for a cabinet height of 400 mm) in five model versions.
Free space 1.8 push (load bearing capacity 1.2 up to 8.3 kg for a cabinet height of 400 mm) for handle-free flap fronts is a separate model range and adds four pto versions to the product range. They excel with extremely comfortable opening behaviour.
The new fittings are now available in Vietnam.

More efficiency in furniture production

With this new stay flap fitting by Häfele, the furniture industry saves transport and logistics costs, among other things. The unique performance capabilities of Free space increase the degree of standardisation of furniture design, production planning, and production.  During assembly, it excels with its pin system, only one required fixing screw, and quick locking of the front as well as easiness in the handling. Fewer components and less transport and storage volume are the foundation for an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

The smart future – even more space in cabinets

With the study of a new family of flap fittings, Häfele gave its partners a glimpse into the future of smart flap technology at Interzum. The special feature of the new fitting generation will be its perfectly slim design, so slim, in fact, that it can either be integrated flush with the side walls of the cabinet or mounted with a conventional screw connection on the side wall. The fitting disappears into the furniture, a particularly aesthetic and space-saving solution that will be implemented in a consistent design for all opening types, including bar cabinet applications. The colour of the innovative flap fittings can be matched to the cabinet colour – full integration on the one hand, harmony in the cabinet and supreme individualisation options on the other hand will be further excellent features of these new flap fittings.

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