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Furniture Handles Collection

Beauty to hold: Handles that make the difference.


How much spirit of optimism can there be in a in a furniture handle? In the new Häfele Furniture Handles Collection you will find handles that show the courage to be new and innovative.

They come from renowned German design studios such as byform productdesign and Sartory Design. Well-known international design greats like Addison Weeks, Ken Harroff, Matthew Quinn and Belwith Keeler from the USA, and the Italian architect and designer Mario Mazzer enrich the 2021 collection with their designs. 

They have all made it their mission to rethink the tried and tested again and again. With a great sense of quality and function, but also a great passion for good design. This creates something reliable but also beautiful that is used and appreciated. And which – best case – you enjoy anew every day.

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H21 Furniture Handles Collection Highlights

The Häfele Furniture Handles Collection 2021 offers you a wide range of ideas. There are impressive character actors for an elegant performance. Personalities that convince with a sophisticated play of light and shadow on the furniture’s surfaces. Handles with soft curves and a hand-flattering feel that celebrate the comeback of organic shapes in furniture design. But also lines that are clear, simple and functional in the best sense. 

Elegance with a subtle twist

This handle is inspired by the lightness of a diagonally folded fabric ribbon. The result is a skilfully crafted handle that is second to none. From one cast. Elegantly curved. As unmistakable as your own handwriting.

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Spot on for a top-class performer

This handle combines strong contrasts: Harmonious circles combined with a stringent design. Black and white – the expressive colour contrast that never goes out of fashion and is so wonderfully changeable. Elegant, a little extravagant and thus perfect for unusual stagings.

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Loft appeal you can touch

Cylinders of different sizes unite to form a handle. It lies well in the hand and draws the eye to the surface design. Brushed nickel and polished chrome emphasise the minimalist cylindrical shape. Zinc plated antique brings the rough charm of the industrial style into play.

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See and feel contrasts

A handle with a strong visual presence.Two levels that merge into each other in a sweeping manner give it its individual character. This creates exciting contrasts and a fascinating play of light and shadow.

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Clear and honest and so soft

Organic shapes are currently experiencing an impressive comeback. The soft curves radiate calm and also find their place in a strict clean interior. Like this handle with rounded ends and a hand-flattering haptic feel.

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If pebbles were handles

Nature is a wonderful source of inspiration for designers. Inspired by the shape of smooth, round pebbles, the result is a handle collection with maximum suppleness and comfort. Without corners and edges, but slim and elegant, this handle combines the restrained minimalism of the North with organic design.

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Timelessly chic

Rediscover design classics and turn everyday objects into aesthetic eye-catchers with these furniture handles.

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